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Cam Sprocket Failure Photos

Photos (Paul Nimz & Mike Frey) & text thanks to Mike Frey  - updated 9/6/01

In this view, you can see the head, minus the camshafts. The failed cam was the upper one in the photo. The sprocket that failed is driven by the 2nd chain from the right.

Look at how thin the bearing surface for the cam is between the valves!

Also note that there is virtually no wear on the valve shims.

V8sho Head.jpg (193092 bytes)

V8sho Head 2.jpg (446044 bytes)



In this view, you can see how the cam sprocket and the cam lobes are attached. Splines on the Inside Diameter are a friction fit against the camshaft. They are visible as small "teeth" in the photo.

Cam Sprocket splines.jpg (95103 bytes)

Cam Sprocket splines 2.jpg (213097 bytes)


The failed sprocket is in the center of the picture. You can also see the score marks on this side of the shaft.

Cam lobe attachment.jpg (56419 bytes)

Cam lobe attachment 2.jpg (133347 bytes)


The failed one is in the foreground. You'll see the method of attachment in following pictures. I moved the sprocket to the left so you could see the score marks where the sprocket's splines (teeth?) gouged the camshaft.

Failed Cam Sprocket.jpg (77677 bytes)

Failed Cam Sprocket 2 .jpg (173867 bytes)


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