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Cam Weld No-No

New 9/4/05

Heh heh. When we welded my car and a friend's car, I had unhooked the PCM, he had not. Part way through my weld, I decided to rotate the engine by bumping the starter (rather than removing the right front wheel and turning the crank with a socket). Worked okay for me. My friend tried the same thing, but with the PCM connected, it fired the injectors, and sprayed a bit of fuel on top of the engine. Everybody decide to take a fifteen minute break to let the fuel evaporate, before completing the weld. As you might guess, 15 minutes wasn't long enough, so there was a pants-filling FOOM!!! when the MIG struck an arc. No primary injuries (from the flash), but may have been some bruising from three people beating a hasty retreat! Unfortunately, that action was not caught by NOok as part of the photo documentation.

Brad Bender

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