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new 12/16/02 - source

The Daily Auto Insider
SHO Owners Sue Ford

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A lawsuit filed in Chicago seeks class-action status to gather Taurus Super High Output (SHO) owners from around the country who allege they have had engine problems with their vehicles, the Automotive NewsWire reports.

The problem, related to a camshaft gear, is limited to vehicles with the V-8 engine made from 1996 to 1999. Earlier SHO models with the V-6 engine are not affected.

Some owners claim they have paid as much as $20,000 for engine repairs because a camshaft sprocket fails causing the pistons to strike the valves.

Early models of the SHO were powered by a Yamaha-designed-and-built V-6 engine with which there have been no problems. For 1996, however, Ford wanted to use a V-8 in the SHO that it designed and then had Yamaha build. Those are the engines with problems. Ford sold about 19,700 SHO models with V-8 engines.

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