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Carbotech Bobcat Pads for BlackHawk

new 5/6/03, updated 6/20/03

A few years back I purchased the last of the Carbotech Superstreet F brake pads. (3 sets). 

I called them back because they have a new street/track pad they call the bobcat. I like to get replacement pads before I have to have them.

They know, because I told them, we did not like the Panther pads for the street. They have been looking for a Street F replacement since.

Carbotech is very pleased to announce the development and release of its newest high performance compound, Bobcat (1521). Intended as a high performance street/autocross material, testing on track has established it is track worthy in a moderate temperature environment. The outstanding characteristics of this material are:
1) Extremely low dusting on the street 
2) Excellent cold stopping, perhaps as low as 40F!! 
3) Fade resistant to at least 900F 
4) Very rotor friendly over entire temperature range 
5) Very quiet over broad range of line pressure inputs 
6) Incredibly firm pedal feel and excellent initial bite.

This is truly the best street material we have ever evaluated on our personal street cars. Call us toll-free for pricing for your particular vehicle application. 

I was going to get a set today but they are bollixed up again.

see http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/carbotech.html for correct pad part numbers for V8SHOs.

Anyway they have given us special pricing before conventions in the past, they may again this year. I have to call back and talk to the owner Larry.

See http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/ReplacementFordBrakePads.htm for Ford replacement pad part numbers. 

If you have 1/2 pad or less on your SHO and plan to attend the convention The best time to re shoe is before you get on the track.


This week I do my 80 coolant change, flush & check the brakes. 

The SuperStreet F were metallic, the Bobcat is ceramic based pad material. I think I got a hell of a lot pad left so someone else may end up trying the Bobcat pads first.


I called Larry at Carbotech, they are replacing the Street F (not available) and Panther (not recommended) with the Bobcat compound with is supposed to be low dust and do everything better.

Problem is they are not expected to get a shipment until July 7, and the convention starts the 14th. It occurred to me that just as many folks need new pads when they get off the track as before they get on. 

So if you can get home on the old pads it may be wise to have a set of bobcat pads waiting for you or even delivered to your hotel room when you get off the track.

Carbotech’s toll free number is 1-877-899-5024.


$89 front pads,

$79 rear pads

If you are desperate they can hand manufacture a set of either (or both) for $10 more a set in time for the convention.

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