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Catalytic Converter


My car was throwing codes P0420 and P0430, so after receiving advice
here as to what the problem might be, I took it to a mechanic for

The mechanic said that the oxygen sensors are reading the same thing
both before and after the catalytic converter, causing the codes. He
said that I need a new catalytic converter which just for the part will
cost $1300 from Ford. My car has too many miles on it for the emissions

I was a bit shocked at the price for a new converter. He also said that
when replacing this all the oxygen sensors should be replaced, so for
all the parts and labor I will be looking at around $2000. And I
thought the cam welds and a possible transmission replacement were the
expensive things that this car needs! 

Are there any other options out there? Any after-market converters
worth looking at? The car just passed emissions in September, so I have
some time to decide what to do.




I can't believe this! My wife's SES light was on, I took it to Autozone, and it was showing PO430. Then today, the car's wouldn't run. AAA tow to the mechanic, he says that the Cat needs replacing, basically said exactly what Lisa's mechanic told her!!! Kirk?!?!? I can't find any info on the v8sho site when I do search using PO430 or catalyst.



CATFLOCHART.jpg (133342 bytes)

Above is a diagnostic flow chart for such problems. Our thanks to another list memeber for contributing this information.


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