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Cedric E. Dunn - Camshaft Failure

new 9/11/02


My SHO is Dead.

It died on US 183 North in Northwest Austin, TX at 8:20 on 9/10/02. At this point, I am not sure if it is a camshaft failure or a timing chain failure, but at the cost of $3200 for replacing the chains alone (providing that there are parts available), it doesn't really matter. The failure occurred at 50mph in moderate traffic. I'm just glad that I was in the slow lane, the weather was decent, and that I was only about 2.5 miles from home. I simply walked away from it yesterday morning, and it's still sitting there on the side of the road. Just imagine, only 17 more payments, and it's all mine...

There is a bright spot in all of this madness, and that's the main reason that I'm contacting you. I talked with a guy named Jerry Strickland at American Engine Installations, who said that he can get me a "Ford Surplus" 3.4 that has less than 10k miles on it for less than $4200 installed. The "surplus" motor would come with a "lifetime" warranty as long as the motor isn't allowed to overheat, or run without oil (not sure how he can offer a "lifetime warranty, but that is his claim). Jerry contacted me from Arlington, TX. He has a shop here in Austin, but he also has shops in Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, and his business is still expanding.

I told him that I wasn't sure what my final plans were for my SHO (I may just give it back to Ford), but I would pass the information on to the v8SHO website members in case others needed engines for their SHOs.

Jerry was unaware of the camshaft issues related to the SHOs, but he felt that the warranty would cover any problems and put the burden back on his supplier.

Jerry's number is (817) 477-0391. His cell phone number is (817) 528-0335.

Their website is http://www.engineinstallation.com . I'm not sure how recently it has been updated.

Feel free to post this info on the site if you think it may help.


Cedric E. Dunn

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