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Ceramic Coated Intake

new 8/19/04

I'm coating my 3.0 manifolds this weekend with a black satin ceramic coating that is designed for 2000F temperatures. This coating is the DIY formula from techline coatings. I purchased enough to coat 2-3 sets of manifolds and my y-pipe. Manufacturer says that the temp drop on the exterior of the manifolds they tested was roughly 140F cooler than previously uncoated manifolds.

If anyone is interested I can take do 2 sets for coating. Price would be $125 plus shipping back, you need to supply the manifolds. This includes the coating, having the manifolds sandblasted and cleaned. First come first served. All accounts of ceramic coating parts really lower the under hood temps on a SHO. I will coat a y-pipe (except for cats) if anyone is interested, but the cost might be higher.

Please email me if you are interested :-)

Bruce J Malachuk

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