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Charles Gullette - Cam Failures # 571 & 572

New 7/11/05

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Sent: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 22:37:42 -0500
Subject: Double Camfailure - Charles Gullette

This week I had a customer tow in a car that was chattering BADLY. Pulled It apart and found both the front head exhaust and rear head intake cam sprockets had come loose and chewed into their respective camshafts.

That would be a double cam failure to report. Does it count as two numbers? I can give serial numbers if necessary. I found it very interesting that BOTH failed cams began with the numbers 911....

I took pictures but they are a little blurry. Even though my old camera is not the greatest at point blank shots, in both pix there is little room for wonder as to what was wrong with these cams and what was to happen soon without intervention. Notice the tell tale shiny chatter marks where the sprocket meets the shaft.

Charles Gullette - Owner
99 SHO
63,323 miles
VIN 1FAFP54N7XA278820

Date failure Noticed 7 - 7 - 2005

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