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Charles Hargrove - Two Cam Failures

new 7/14/02

My name is SGT Charles Hargrove, My wife’s name is Kimberly. We are stationed in Ft. Stewart Ga. I have 2 95 SHO's, one 92 SHO and we have a 97 SHO together. We had cam failures on or 97 twice. We thought it was from the extreme cold of Alaska that tore up our SHO. Cost over 6,000.00 each time to fix her. Thank God we had an after-market warranty. Have you heard back on anything with ford? I called them on Friday and talked to a customer service rep. Supposed to call me back next week. I just found your web site and seen that we weren't the only ones with this problem....If I can help in ANY way just drop me a line at cdasho@hotmail.com ....Thanks for your time...Charlie.

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