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Chips - What to Really Expect

new 4/19/2004

Everybody's doing everything they can to squeeze more HP out of their SHO's. I'm no exception. However, I also don't necessarily think that CHIPS were the answer by themselves.

At the suggestion of a list member and friend, I decided to try Alberto, at American Motor Sport. I had a series of conversations via email with him and I must tell you that no more than an hour would go by before I received a response to my questions.

It should also be pointed out that there are a lot of choices to be made in this area now. It wasn't too long ago there were none. Apten, FPS, Superchips to name a few others.

Alberto was quick and responsive, he did what I asked and delivered the product on time with a comprehensive installation procedure. And he followed up after the installation took place. I want to point out that this was not done under perfect back to back conditions. The first chart you will see was a Dyno run made with Paul, Tony, and I. It was November 2002.

I have made no further modifications to the car of any consequence since this run.

The second chart is my most current run. While I had no expectations of any sort of HP gains, and frankly none in Torque, imagine my surprise at the results of the dyno.

Measurable increase in Torque.

This again is as far as you can get from being done under perfectly controlled circumstances, however you can't ignore the gain. A 20.6 Ft/Lb increase is nothing to sneeze at.

I'm chomping at the bit to get to Lapeer to see what it really means at the wheels. I will let you know.

Further, Alberto and AmericanMotorSport should be thrown into the mix when you are considering an upgrade chip. As with all our vendors, you should check them all out and decide for yourself


This is the first pull                This is the chart after          Side by Side

in 2002.                                the chip was installed         Comparsion

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