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Clare's Trans Cooler

new 5/31/2004

Here is one picture of how my unit sits. I brought the digital camera home from work.
This and the others were taken in the dark as I planted our  weeping cypress tree, installed the low voltage lighting in the second flower bed I just finished last night. Met my new neighbors that just moved in last week across the road.. {asked about the car since the can here me going up the main road here.}
realized while have a Rickards that I forgot to take pictures.

The black tube just above the red nose piece is the factory tube cooler. The fluid goes through this, then makes a 180 turn comes through the bottom of this cooler and makes a 180 turn and goes out the fitting at the top far end of the cooler back to the transmission.
Also at that end you can see one of the four brackets on the unit. (each end top and bottom). the unit is attached to the a/c condenser using special tie wraps.

It has been on there since Sept 2003 and the A/C works fine as it did before

Clare 96 TR V8

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