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Clay's Detailed Engine

New 7/14/05

Finally had a chance to install the newly painted parts on my SHO. Appearance Cover, Runners and Surge tank all got new paint. IMO the colour suits the car better then the original gold colour. Also installed a Condensation Catch Can sitting on the frame clamped in the drivers inner wheel well. I just split the PCV hose and connected the 2 new lines there trying to make it look as factory as possible. In the 2 weeks I had my spare parts on the engine the surge tank collected oil in all the divots that sit at the bottom and all the air horns and all related parts had a good coat of oil on them. Also installed a hose to bypass the throttle body. It's just to the right of the appearance cover and just loops from the supply back to the return. I am going to pull a runner off in a couple of weeks and see how the Condensation Catch can works.


Just ignore the date on the picture as every time I change the batteries in the camera I forget to reset the date.


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