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Cobra Brakes for SHOs

new 5/27/03

Tell me more about this magical bracket that allows the Cobra dual piston caliper to install on the SHO, please. Where does one get them? How much? What is the effectiveness compared to the Baer upgrade? I saw this product mentioned somewhere else, and thought that might be the way to go as soon as I get the engine dialed in. Priorities. First, go fast. Second, stop. Need to be careful about the time lag between one and two.


The Baer upgrade fits the Gen 3 hub perfectly. You need 17' wheels though, please see attached picture.

Jim Merriman

And thus the reason for the interest in the bracket. Drops the cost of the brake upgrade by the cost of a set of 17s and rubber. I know my tastes and my wants. If I upgrade to 17s I wont get by with low dollar wheels or tires. Right now I am just a stiff trying to support a son, an ex-wife, and a bunch of attorneys.

SHO looks great in the pics, Jim. How is your brake balance front to rear with the big upgrade in the front, and I assume stock set up in the rear?


No, the Baer upgrade uses the 13" rotor. They are big! I suppose you could get a bracket, and use the caliper, then downsize to a smaller rotor - but that kind of defeats the purpose right? I don't know this for a fact, I'm asking the question. What say you guys and gals on the list? 

Personally, I love the Baer 13' brakes. There are only a couple of guys that use them - but I think we all love them. That includeds Kirk Doucette with his Cobra calipers and out-of-sight rotors as well, 'cuz after all they're Baers / PBR's as well. The Baer's aren't stylish but they sure are functional. I can easily take off a huge amount of distance off of quick stops. And repeated high speed braking (as in on the track) has never affected them with either warpage, fade, or grapping. Literally the best brakes I have ever used on any of my rides. Fair better than the brakes on my buddys old (2000) 6-speed 540i sport, I think his new M5 brakes might be better because of the rear brakes. And then there is a twin turbo 911 that I driven that is much better though..... ahhhhh, that's a whole other story.

Jim Merriman

I guess I didnt really make myself clear. Let me try again.

I get that there is a big brake option from Baer. Oversized rotors. Big calipers. Requires 17 or greater wheels. Looks fabulous. Works great.

There is apparently another option. There is someone that has designed and is selling hardware that will allow the removal of the SHO front caliper for direct replacement with the Cobra dual piston caliper to improve braking. Uses the stock SHO rotors still, and allows for the use of the stock wheels as well. Im wondering if this might be a more cost effective way for me to upgrade my brakes. Im guessing the Baer upgrade would cost me $2500 or more when it is all said and done. Cobra upgrade could probably be accomplished for a LOT less depending on where you source the parts and how connected you are, as well as the cost of these mounting brackets. 

Would be pretty silly to upgrade to the Baer set up, and then go back to small rotors. Sorry for the confusion.


But Jim look at your last sentence...

I think the issue with the Gen 3 brakes is heat. I don't know if it's the rotors or the pads. But if you use the dual piston rotors of the Baer w/ a custom plate, I think you'll still not have the full potential of the brakes because you won't have the swept area of the brakes, and indeed you're using a smaller rotor. I think you're loosing 20%, and you have edges to worry about. You have to have contact in the whole pad to get the benefit right?

Again I'm only asking the question. If you could do this, you'd sure save a lot of money! And that would be a good thing!

Jim Merriman

The Baer upgrade uses the PBR caliper and 13inch rotors. This same caliper and rotor size is also used on the Mustang Cobra. The parts from a 98 Cobra, brackets included will fit on a GEN III SHO without a problem. By doing this though you will need 17" wheels and rotors that are drilled with the proper bolt pattern. There are vendors that sell a kit much like the Baer kit for a reasonable amount of money. See: diskbrakesrus.com. The Cobra bracket will fit under the 16" wheel with some minor modification, currently there is no vendor that is selling this moded bracket off the shelf. If you ask nicely maybe some will make them for you. For some the PBR caliper and dual piston rotor makes sense. For one the availability of performance pads and price is better than the stock size. Also, the amount of pressure against the pad is increased. I'm not sure what the piston bore size is on the PBR caliper but you may get more pedal travel if it is greater than the stock caliper. Any Baer / PBR users care to comment? Maybe increasing the master cylinder bore size would go nicely with the PBR calipers giving you a shorter traveling pedal for the same amount of brake pressure. Also lets give credit to the original founder of this mod before it gained great popularity. Cobra brakes on a GEN III with 13" rotors was a SHO list member. Moded Cobra calipers was a SHOTIMES member. 

Chris A
99 SF 

I was probably the first to do the Cobra caliper/ Gen3 11.6" rotor brake upgrade. Is lighter than stock, fits under stock 16" rims and looks and stops good.

Tom W

96bks.jpg (52352 bytes)
96bkt.jpg (49428 bytes)
96bkt2.jpg (44797 bytes)

Do you have a parts list and source? About how much did this put you back?

Paul Nimz

They bolt right on with no problem if you have 17 wheels

Kirk J Doucette

I actually think they use the 12.6 rotor

Kirk J Doucette

Not to beat a dead horse....but can you be more specific!! 

I have 17 inch SVT wheels. 

What exactly do I need to purchase (on ebay) to do the Cobra Setup? I think that would look and perform incredibly well!!!! 


Brackets & Calipers, then the pads. I think you need to modify the brake lines but Kirk can correct me on this one.

Rene Carlos Cruz

I can send you an parts list for new parts if you want, but if you have the 17 SVTs Like I do, all you need is the front brakes from a 98 and up Cobra, I think in 00 or 01 the GT got the same brakes as well. 

Mounting Brackets

Mine were from a 99 Cobra, and I got a HELL of a deal. I got the PBR calipers, 4 sets of pads, and 2 sets of rotors for 220.00. 

They were a DIRECT bolt on, but Mine came with the stainless lines for the Mustang and it had a different fitting than the SHO. I cut the end off my hard factory line, bought a small piece of 3/8 break line and used the fittings from that. Put the new fitting on my line and reflared the line. Took maybe 1 hr for the whole job after tracking down what fitting I needed. I just painted them tonight for an up coming car show in Pennsylvania I can send you pic if needed and the line re flare that I just spoke about.

Kirk J Doucette

Already have the SVT 17 inch on 2 of my SHO's so I'm ready for the Cobra brakes. 

Would you mind sending me the parts list? 


The brackets are modified Cobra mustang brackets. I used Corvette calipers. Brackets cost around $50 each wholesale, with rebuilt calipers around $100 each. I used PF "Z" rated pads.

Tom W

The Cobra brakes will fit the stock lines on Gen2 SHOs (don't know about gen3). The only things needed to be changed is redrilling the rotor mounting holes from a 4 1/2" to 4 1/4" circle and using the proper brake line "banjo" fitting. Iirc the PBR calipers use a m10x1.0 thread, wile stock calipers use m10x1.5.

Tom W

Here's a pic for you
DSC01101.JPG (151719 bytes)

Kirk J Doucette

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