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Cooling Fans

New 11/11/2006

Just hooking everything up now, and as I came across the housing with the double pronged temp sensor for the ecm, I thought I would check its resistance.. There is none. as a matter of fact its open. I have never seen a temp sensor that reads open at any temp. there has always been at least a little resistance.. Gonna order a new one and measure it before I buy it. Its possible that this may be my cooling fan not coming on problem....whatta ya think?

The two wire 5v ECT sensor is not your normal resistive device.


I guess it depends on outside temps, but do you have any values that I can use to check it with?
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Newmy, a quick check in the '96 PCED manual shows a non-linear change of resistance with 1.18 K ohms at 248 degrees F to 58.75 K ohms at 50 degrees F. 

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