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Craig's List Cam Failure #891 & #893

Date 3/6/08

1996 sho taurus - $xxxx

Reply to: sale-584030700@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-02-23, 11:01AM CST

I have a 96 sho taurus that runs and drive`s a good family car will take cash and a cab and 1/2 chev truck for this car starting a shop i need a truck badly or will consuder a dodge . for mor info call 816-337-8360 shawn The car has 96,000 oragl miles the least ill take is 2000 the least i could go to so i could by me a nother thank`s

update 3/8/08

Car is an SHO with a SLO motor, not done by current owner. Engine was swapped with a 3.0L v6 before current owner (Shawn) acquired the car. 

Owner called back, He purchased a Black 96 with a cam failure for parts to fix this car so it is a double cam failure.

I asked Shawn for VIN's but he declined, because he stated it is too easy for someone else to get the title in Missouri with just the VIN. - Buford 3/8/08

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