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Crank Pulley Bolt

new 09/22/2008

Speaking of crank shafts - check out what Eric found when he pulled Tim's UDP off the crank pulley. Remember a few weeks ago when he was complaining that he snapped a Crank Shaft Pulley Bolt on another engine he was working on? Well now we know why. Look closely at the picture from the neck to the end of the bolt.

Blow this up and look carefully. Yup the necked portion is "compressed" as in squished down. No wonder the other bolt snapped. This one would have as well had he not caught the problem. Of course now he has to scour the garage for another crank pulley bolt. Bet he finds one

Be alert to this should you have to pull the crank pulley - examine the bolt carefully before you think it's ok to reinstall it. You may have bigger fish to fry if you don't!
ps yeah, those are my dirty finger nails - get over it!


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