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Crude V8SHO Head Cross Section

new 1/30/03, updated 3/23/03

This is a crude scale cross section drawing drawing of a V8 Head showing intake path on the right side and exhaust path on the left side. Note how close together the valve seats are. Room for bigger valves?  I wonder? Note also smaller water passages on the hot (exhaust) side. Interesting  steep angle on the intake path side. Think of how the butterfly lower intake manifold bolts on. the intake air almost drops in vertically. 

Upcoming issue of SHO Club we hope to section a real head and have lots of photos and analysis.

V8head.gif (25396 bytes) 
(28k) click to enlarge.



I was reading this on V8SHO and would like to comment. The 2.5L SVT motor uses the same valves as the 3.4L. One of the mods they do to the 2.5L is to use the 3.0L Duratec valves. There is a substantial HP increase had buy this and about a 20% increase in CFM flow.

Paul Nimz
'97 TR SHO
'93 EG mtx SHO

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