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Custom CAI Complete

New 03/04/2005

As most of you know I've been playing with a custom induction box for a few months, and now it is complete. It's fed by a 4" duct that comes out beside the tranny cooler so there's plenty of cold air coming in. I had to cut a larger hole in the fender so that the duct wouldn't have any sharp bends or creases and I moved the relay box in front of the battery. Now it's back to the drawing board for including the ram air in the air dam as it can't be three inches now that the car is lowered.
Jason Barker



Paint is Plasti-Kote 1600 Light Pewter Metallic B/C. Be sure to clear coat it as this will make clean up much easier later in time. I sprayed mine multiple times very light coats over a 3 day period. This makes for a much better looking job and is especially important when spraying the vanity cover to prevent runs and orange peel. I love the color because it is similar to the interior and it adds a lot of character to the motor (like it needs any help). Cutting the opening bigger isn't to difficult. Just remove the wheel and the fender well and you will have all kinds of access to it. I used a 5" grinder with a cut off wheel and a 2" cut off wheel in the drill. Then clean it up with a Dremel or some sand paper.
Jason Barker

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