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DFW Cam Weld Services

new 1/30/01

I e-mailed you recently about being a shop owner that owns a 1999 SHO. We recently did the cam weld procedure on my own car. It has worked wonderful with no problems.

I sat down and figured we could offer this service to other SHO owners in the DFW area. Total cost will be between $700-$750. We figure most jobs will take between 1-3 days based on our shop load at that time. Some jobs will take a bit longer if other services are needed.

Our shops name is Auto Mart and has been in business since 1952 here in the Dallas area.

Contact me by e-mail OR Call me @ 214-321-5255

Thanks Again,
Glen Gagas

Once we get SHO owner feedback for Glen I will post them here. Until then all normal disclaimers apply. I hope this does work out for all SHO owners in TX.


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