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DTC P0411/P1411 Diagnostic Routines

New 7/11/05

Here are the basic diagnostic routines for the P0411 which should be a good place for you to start, and should allow you to determine if the SAI pump is operating. There are several other steps which I can email you directly if you'd like (a little too large for the list).


    DTC P0411/P1411 indicates Secondary Air not detected. In order to test the pump, it must be capable of driving the HO2S lean.

    Note: Some applications have one or two AIR Diverter valves.

    Possible causes:

    • Electric AIR Pump fault.
    • Hose from Electric AIR Pump blocked.
    • Hose from Electric AIR Pump leak.
    • AIR Bypass Solenoid stuck open/closed.
    • AIR Bypass Solenoid leak/blocked.
  • Key off.
  • Visually inspect Electric AIR Pump hoses from the Electric AIR Pump to the AIR Diverter valves.
  • Inspect air hose for cracks, binding, obstructions, water or ice.
Are Electric AIR Pump hoses OK?
Yes No
GO to HM8 . SERVICE by draining all water from hoses or REPLACE damaged parts. COMPLETE PCM Reset to clear DTCs. RERUN Quick Test .



  • Key off.
  • Disconnect air hose from either AIR Diverter valve(s).


  • Check air flow at the open hose by placing a hand over the outlet of the hose. Caution must be observed while performing this test.
  • Key on, engine running.
  • After a 5-second delay, air will be present between 30-90 seconds.
Is air flow present?
Yes No
GO to HM15 to check Electric AIR Pump for water contamination. SERVICE air hose to AIR Diverter valves for leaks or blockage. If OK, GO to HM11 .


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I will be doing that in the next few weeks, I just have to get 4 coil packs, I think I seen them for $60 from Murray's Auto Parts so that is my next buy.
I still have to find out why I am getting that P0411 code, I checked the hoses and pipes today and they all seem to be ok. I did find pump and all the hoses there seems ok as well. I am lost till I read more.
I have the AUTOENGINUITY program but I think I may have to buy the code for the enhanced features for ford. I think that like another $150.
Thanks T.J.


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