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Damien Franczek - SHO Defender

new - 5/29/02

The car: 1996 Taurus SHO

VIN: 1FALP54NXTA244576

Mileage: 48,765

The owner: Damien P Franczek

San Antonio, TX 78253

SHO Club member ( proud to say )

Status: Engine in perfect health - all maintenance performed at Ford dealerships per scheduled maintenance guide.

Concerns: I am convinced the cams in my vehicle, regardless of mileage or condition will eventually fail.

How can this be solved? Ford Motor Company would make us proud by reviewing the information submitted and listening to it's faithful and loyal owners. Ford should then offer a solution that involves repairing this apparent design flaw. I do not wish to have my vehicle replaced, I like my vehicle very much though this wasn't always the case. I have thought about offering this car up for sale many times in lieu of this cam trouble. By loyal Ford owners, I speak for myself, an owner of two Fords, a former Master Certified sales consultant for Ford, and reason there are four other Fords in my family of five. I wish to continue this trend. I wish to continue to offer my support to Ford Motor Company and I wish to keep recommending Ford vehicles to people who come to me with car buying advice. I am confident Ford Motor Company will make this all happen, and I will be able to enjoy such a fine car, a car that I wish Ford Motor Company would never have cancelled. The Taurus SHO is quickly becoming a legend, one that Ford Motor Company badly needs in it's lineup!

I will offer my assistance in any way I can to help get this resolved.


Damien P Franczek

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