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Dan Palmer - Cam Failure #357 & #358

new 2/9/2004, updated 2/12/2004

Hello my name is Dan Palmer and I currently own a 99 SHO. Last month I experienced a cam failure after approximately four weeks of knocking. 

I took the car to the dealer I bought the car from and they said it was the lifters, but I had my doubts because of the content of this website. I decided not to authorize the repair. Well less than a week later it happened at 75 mph in the middle of nowhere with the outside temp below

10 F.  I am just glad my wife was not with me that would have been a ear full. On to the details my VIN 1FAFP54NXXA278830  mileage 58,7XX  date Jan 5th. had my car towed to ford and three weeks later they say its fixed. My warranty picked up the bill thankfully. But now the car runs ruff and they scratched the hell out of the plastic cover over the intake. Let my now if you need any more information for anything.

                                                                        Thanks, Dan

Further details pending. Unless I miss my mark, Dan is a member of our Armed Forces serving in the USN. He has been informed that he now has two new defective cams and to scamper up to the nearest welder on the list  to get 'em  fixed. Has anybody other than me noticed that these folks never capitalize ford???




Hi I am actually in Forth Worth, Texas and my car broke down about a hour north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

1. VIN#s 1FAFP54NXXA278830
2. Date of malfunction 5 JAN 2004
3. Where did the malfunction take place (highway, city streets, driveway, parking lot, etc.) Highway
4. Odometer reading at time of malfunction 58,xxx
5. How fast were you traveling? 75mph
6. Were you accelerating or staying at a constant speed? Constant speed
7. Estimated date of purchase, new or used? AUG 2003
8. Estimated Odometer reading at time of purchase 52xxx
9. Full Name, address, and a good phone# to reach you at during the day and night. Dan Palmer, 
10. Brief description of the time of events leading towards the malfunction. Had knocking prior to failure. When it failed felt thump about 20 sec before car died.
11. Customer service phone # you called and the name of the person you talked to. 405-282-2727 Bill I think.
12. Did you feel satisfied with the answers customer service provided? Yes, only because they did not give me any trouble unlike the first place I took it when I first heard the knocking.
13. Which dealership did you take your vehicle in for service? I got it fixed at Vance John CNTRY Ford Mercury 5318 S Division St Guthrie, OK 73044. The first place I took was the dealer I bought the car from. CARMAX the auto super store 8400 Anderson Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76120 
14. What was the cause of failure determined by the dealer? Timing chain or bad Computer at first the they found the cam problem
15. What was the cause of failure determined by you? I thought it was the cams.
16. How much was your statement? Total repair amount was right around 3,100. I had to only pay my deductible and the run over from towing. My total cost 83 dollars.
17. What can FOMOCO do to make you a satisfied Ford owner? Step up and admit the problem.

I hope this is what you need. Thanks again Dan Palmer

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