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Daniel Simpson - Cam Failure# 322

new 11/21/2003

For those that had engine failure: Answer all the questions the best you can.
1. VIN#s - 1FALP54NXVA124053 
2. Date of malfunction 11/20/03 (Noises audible on idle... 11/22/03 louder ... much louder... car parked before failure
3. Where did the malfunction take place (highway, city streets, driveway, parking lot, etc.) - driveway
4. Odometer reading at time of malfunction 96500
5. How fast were you traveling? 0 mph
6. Were you accelerating or staying at a constant speed? idling
7. Estimated date of purchase, new or used? used - 11/02
8. Estimated Odometer reading at time of purchase 78000
9. Full Name, address, and a good phone# to reach you at during the day and night. Daniel Bryant Simpson,  Stevensville, MI 49127 
10. Brief description of the time of events leading towards the malfunction. (what did you hear and see before, during, and after the malfunction) started hearing noises... car parked... getting weld done when financially available ... WITHOUT VEHICLE TILL THEN! Thanks Ford
11. Customer service phone # you called and the name of the person you talked to. (if you can remember) Ford Customer Service number....
12. Did you feel satisfied with the answers customer service provided? Explain. No, They basically told me they are unwilling to do anything at all... I even asked if they would inspect or diagnose the noises at a reduced or free of cost... No help whatsoever...
13. Which dealership did you take your vehicle in for service? (name, address, phone#) None... Ford Unwilling to work with finances
14. What was the cause of failure determined by the dealer? N/a
15. What was the cause of failure determined by you? Faulty Cams / Sprockets from factory / Fords unwillingness to correct their mistake they have known about
16. How much was your statement? (I hope you kept your receipt) None so far... $500 when cam weld procedure takes place to save car
17. What can FOMOCO do to make you a satisfied Ford owner? Reimburse the $500 for the cam weld procedure / Recall 

Daniel Bryant Simpson


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