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Dan's Revelation

New 7/13/05

Revelation: When I stop doing non-critical maintenance on the SHO, it behaves perfectly.

I have been deliberately suppressing my urges to "upgrade" certain components on the SHO, and I have even held back on doing PM ahead of schedule (a little problem I have developed over the years). No more early fluid changes, frequent wiper blade swaps, or even cleaning off the appearance cover before it is visibly caked in dirt.

I won't even talk or daydream about what things I might need to do 6 months or so from now.

This was brought on by the fact that I've been dumping time/money into the Falcon, and saving 4-figures a month for a house down payment (that'll put an end to SHO maintenance!) 6-8 months ago, there were so many things I thought the SHO NEEDED, but I was wrong. Right now, I just keep it well-fed and make sure I stay on top of the fluid

And the SHO is telling me it likes it this way.

Sure, new struts will still be going in within the next month or so, and I might even throw on some new tires. These things are truly needed, and even someone without the "performance itch" would keep abreast of these issues. But as far as mods go, I think a consistent, reliable, mildly-impressive car is better than a 14-second rocket that consumes 20 hours of my week and 20% of my paycheck.

I think my SHO is like my cat. My cat is a great pet--plenty friendly, clean, well-behaved, and he generally doesn't expect too much from people. But God help you if you try to decide what he wants to do. Even if the cat DOES want what you think he wants, he will oppose the notion just to spite you.

So I think I'll leave the SHO alone for the most part until it needs my help. It took us a while to form this relationship, and I'm not about to screw with a good thing.

Dan Carman
Philadelphia, PA
'97 PG - 80K, Kirked at 58K, 24 & 25mm sway bars, rear SFBs all
around, FSTB, VAK, no sax, K&N panel filter, battery in the trunk


I had a VW beetle in the late 60's. it was a 40 hp wonder. I used to spend a small fortune fixing every little thing, but one day I ran into a long-time VW guy who said the key to enjoying them was to just ignore the little stuff and drive them till they fell apart.

I quit obsessing over the factory maintenance schedule and the little car never gave me any other problems.

Not sure it is the right thing to do, but your story just reminded me of that.

Don Mallinson

Well, I can't really argue either your motives, (I'm building a house so I know that pain) nor your results. Kinda like if it ain't broke don't fix it. Other than just keeping SW9 Clean, and religiously changing the oil, I just drive the crap outta it and keep the gas tank full of 19 gallons........he he he

Larry E 97 Red Mods Welds


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