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Dave Bartlett - Cam Failure

new 12/17/01


My name is Dave and I am the owner (well kind of since I still have loan out on it!) of a black 1996 SHO. Currently the car is sitting at Millbury Ford in Auburn, MA with two cam failures. The initial estimate sent to me on Monday (12/3) was that repair would cost between $4500-$5000. On Tuesday night I came across the V8sho.com website and was surprised and happy to see that this is emerging as a common problem and not just my bad luck! Since then I have filed a complaint on NHTSA's website and have talked with the parts and service manager of the Ford dealership. I actually just faxed him over all the information that I had found on this website about the problem and he is going to have his regional rep come out and look at it. Hopefully something good may come out of it but I haven't got my hopes up. Unfortunately after looking at the site and seeing the reported problems he also said that he thinks their estimate will not even come close to the actual price to repair! I have also tried submitting a complaint to a website called autosafety.org but their online form is not working correctly, so I will just keep trying until it does. Basically I was writing to say that you could A - add another case to your already growing list and B - to say that I am willing to help out in any way I can. If their is anything I can do I can be reached at this email address or also at pats25@aol.com.


Dave Bartlett



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