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David Higginbotham - Cam Failure #414

new 07/27/2004

Dear Larry,

Sorry it took me so long to write but here is the story of my 1996 SHO. My VIN # is 1FALP54N3TA249011. Mileage at the time of malfunction was 62,652. I purchased the car 4/17/04 from a repair shop in Cleveland , Ohio. The previous owner had the cam problem and took the car to this shop for repairs. The car owner purchased a used low mileage engine from a junk yard in Cleveland. The repair shop installed the new used motor and upon startup the engine had cam failure again. I then purchased the car and hunted down used and new engine parts, had Erick in Canfield, Ohio weld the new cams, and after a very long and demanding process, I now own a beautiful running 1996 SHO. Ford has let a lot of car enthusiast down by not standing behind the known problem with these cars. The cost of a valve grind kit alone from Ford is outrageous, leading to the overall cost of repairs being too high for people to fix. I always wanted a V8 SHO, I currently also own a 1994 V6 SHO that I purchased new and now has 156,000 miles and no real problems to speak of, but I am afraid that the negative response from Ford will lead most SHO owners to scrap their cars and turn away from Ford for along time.
David Higginbotham
Hinckley, Ohio 44233

******It should be clearly noted that David was not the Owner of the vehicle at the time of the failure, he is merely reporting it's history. I did not find the VIN already listed so I put it up for archival purposes only - U.L.***********************

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