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David R. Postma - Cam Failure #774

New 1/22/07

Larry & Tim

Dave Postma here, former subscriber to the list but have been off-list for more than a couple of years. You'll find me listed in the V8SHO owner's directory in Michigan.

I've got a Cam Failure to report on my 1996 SHO.

Luckily as of 3 weeks ago it is no longer my daily driver as I have purchased another vehicle as a daily driver. Not that I didn't like the SHO, it was slated to be given to my daughter who turns 16 this Feb. 27. (How many of us, at 16 got a SHO ?)

Did get another Ford related vehicle "2004 Mazda 6". (3.0 liter V-6, DOHC 24 valve, 220 HP, 5 speed manual, black w/ black leather, loaded, 38,600 miles) Quite honestly, it may not be top speed as fast as the SHO, but I guarantee it's quicker 0-60 and most likely would beat my SHO in the 1/4 mile. The ride ain't half bad either. Once you go sport sedan with leather it hard to go back to anything with less "giddy up".

Here are the SHO particulars:

Year: 1996 VIN: 1FALP54N6TA254442 Color: Toreador Red Interior: Gray Leather Odometer at Failure: 110,574 Previous Oil Change: 107,620 Failure Date: 1-20-07 Place: Rural Paved Country Road Speed: 50 MPH, Constant Speed Date of Purchase: 12-15-98, Used Odometer at Purchase: 32,000 Purchased: Borgman Ford, Grandville, MI Rumored to be a Ford Factory Officials Vehicle purchased by Borgman at a Ford Dealer's Only Auction

No advance warning of failure, though it did appear to be a little louder under the hood than I recall the last time I drove it. The car hadn't been driven for a week, however it was garage parked. The temp last Saturday here in Michigan was in the low 20's and I attributed the louder noise to two factors; not having been driven for a week and the cold temp.

Was driving home from getting the tires balanced and rotated for the "new driver" when apprx. 5 miles from home traveling at a constant rate of "50ish" suddenly the RPMs jumped 300 (felt as if the car jumped out of gear) I heard a "pop" the engine immediately went dead, lost all power assisted steering and brakes, and the dreaded "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" indicator lit. Coasted to a stop on the shoulder. Wouldn't restart.

Today (1-22-07) I had it towed to the service center (not a Ford Dealer) that has serviced my ride for the last couple of years. Test bench indicated misfire in code in cyls. 1, 2 & 3. No compression in cyls. 1, 2, 3 & 4. Intake and valve covers removed, secondary timing chain sprocket slips on camshaft, and valves bent was their report. I went to the shop late this afternoon and witnessed first hand evidence of the spun cams as well as the cams not moving as the timing sprocket spun as the ignition was turned over.

Feel free to forward this to the attorneys and the SHOLIST if you desire. Guess I'll have to sign up again just to read the comments anyone might have.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions you might have or to offer me any advice on my next course of action. At this point due to age and mileage I'm not anticipating any attempt at repairs. Guess we'll have to go shopping for another car for my daughter (or put off any purchase till later this spring). Bummer as she was looking forward to driving dad's former "hot rod".


David R. Postma

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