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David Wright - Cam Failure #651

New 12/18/05

Hi, Larry,

1FALP54NXVA110993 has developed a terrible clanging clackity clack right before my eyes (while it was idling and I was brushing snow off.) I am assuming the worst, I shut it down and will be pushing it around the corner to my garage space for further investigation. It's a Black 1997 SHO with 189,000 KM. When I get some time to pull it apart and have an eyeful, I will report my findings. Happened Dec 14th, 2005.

I had started it after having the block heater on overnight for the first time since we bought it used a year ago, and it sounded fine. As I was brushing, it got louder and clangier, like a disk on a spinning shaft along with bad lifter noise. The exhaust note slowly deepened, and got louder, as if the ignition timing was slowly advancing, and I then shut it down. Most of the sound seemed to be coming from the rear bank, but a funny thing, the front bank, on the camshaft that turns that little external pump...when I released tension on the belt, a new softer clatter started on the front. Definitely from under the front valve cover. All sounds were definitely getting louder every minute, and I have a feeling that when the exhaust note changed, I was possibly moments from disaster. It never stalled out, misfired or even hiccupped through this whole thing, so I hope that exhaust note change wasn't valves suddenly not closing right...I'm really going to think positive and say it was a slight slip, not a crunch....but we'll see..

Any further info needed for your database, let me know.

David Wright
Omemee Ontario Canada

Details Pending - Buford

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