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David's Cam Failure

new 10/15/01


I have a 1997 SHO V-8 with about 86,000 miles. I didn't know what was wrong with it so I took it to a Ford dealership and they told me that my engine was sludged out and I would need to replace it. I didn't buy into this, so I took it to a different Ford dealership and they noticed that my water pump belt wasn't spinning and said that there was something wrong with my cams. They opened it up and said that a sprocket broke, and they had never seen or heard of one doing this. I guess I was lucky, there was a corporate Ford rep in the shop when they found this. Needless to say, they were VERY shocked about this. Since they have never seen this happen, and said that this is not something I did to my car, Ford has offered to pay 40% and the dealership has offered to pay 10%, and for me to pay the rest of the cost. I guess that I am lucky. I have just found this out yesterday (9/28), and the dealership said that this will fix my problem, BUT, they didn't mention that there was any other damage (valves, pistons, or anything else). But I guess we will find out when they get the cam that the sprocket broke replaced.

Have you heard of this happening a second time after fixing the first one? I have read that it might happen, but it just freaks me out thinking that this may happen again.

I will let you know the outcome of my repairs (if and when it happens).

Also, if it does cost too much to repair, I am going to contact Ford and try to see what I can get accomplished. AND, I will contact an attorney to see if I can get Ford to replace/repair this at their own expense. Obviously this is a design flaw that they should own up to and fix all SHO's this happens to. I may need your assistance with all of this, and a list of people that this has happened to. We can win this one, trust me.

Please get back to me ASAP.

Thank you



I still do not know which cam, but as soon as I find out, I will let you know.

Here is my VIN and stuff.

1997 SHO V-8

VIN: 1FALP54N4VA132813

Mileage: 86575

When we get the information of what is wrong and what will be fixed, I will let you know.




Good news. I FINALLY got my car back today from the dealership. They did pay half of the cost as promised (Ford 40% and Dealership 10%). My total bill was only $1294.77. Labor was $130.00, Parts $0.00, gas, oil, lube $0.00, sublet amount $5.00, hazardous waste $1159.77.

They replaced 8 valves, camshaft #2 and lots more.

I don't have a scanner but I maybe can take a pic with my digital camera and send you a copy of all 4 pages.

They did say that FORD wanted the cam back to look at the problem. I actually wanted it for myself and even offered to pay the core charge if there was one, but they said no. So, maybe there is hope for all of us.

Now my car runs like new! Happy Happy Joy Joy. If there is anything else you need or want from me about this just email me.

You can post this now on the WWW if you want.

As you know, tell people to be persistent, but nice too. I called the 1-800 Ford cust svc number and told them and also the service advisor was very helpful too! BTW...my service advisor is a GIRL! Damn, she knew her SHIT! Gives me a whole new perspective about women mechanics.



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