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Dead Battery AND Keys Locked in Car

new 02/09/2008

Had an amazing combination of events today, the stars must have aligned JUST

Woke up and went out to brush off the car. Numeric pad didn't work, and I
realized I might have disconnected the battery switch to prevent drain.
Popped the hood, found that my battery disconnect switch was closed. Dead
battery, then. Brushed off the rest of the snow, then went to get back into
the car. Locked. Somehow in the earl-morning daze, I bumped the lock down.

It gets better... my keys are in the car. They fell out of my pocket when I
reached across the seat for my gloves. The front left tire is flat (no
impact on the main issue, but funny to note). My spare key is 110 miles
away at my parents' house, since I had been there a couple of weeks ago.

I'm more amazed that all of these things happened together than upset. I
mean, wow, what are the chances?!
Looks like I'm calling in a favor from my dad or my little sister tomorrow,
and paying them to drive my other key up here.
Then buying my third battery in as many years.

Eric Hildebrand
'97 Toreador Red
Put a pin or nail through the insulation on the big red wire going to
your starter - this will connect directly to your positive battery
terminal in a round about way.
Going to have remove the lower splash guard and crawl under the car to
get at it and too. Hook a battery charger "+" clamp onto the pin/nail.
Hook the "-" clamp onto any bare metal you can find on the chassis.

Then use your door code. Should only take about 30 minutes. You'll
need a 5.5 mm socket, an 8 mm socket, and a Phillips screwdriver to
get the splash guard off.

Then don't do that again.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
97 Ebony 182k Resurrected, Welded, Experiment in progress
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 103k Resurrected, Welded, Eaton M90 inside
96 Rosemist 72k 2006 Best Of SHO, Popular Vote, 2007 Best Gen 3, Welded
96 Medium Graphite 120k - Resurrected, Welded
Does anybody else just sometimes wonder how Eric knows some of the things he knows?? Hmmmm Experience????? Just a guess.


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