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Diagnosing codes. What can I do to fix them

new 4/20/2004

Well, I brought my car to Auto Zone like someone mentioned. Just to tell a little bit about the car I bought it about 2-3 weeks ago. Engine light was on when I bought it, I was told that it needed an 02 sensor, well I brought it to a really good mechanic place that checked the codes and the car overall. The car was in great shape and after he gave me the codes then I don’t have what they were off hand I had them replace the o2 sensor that was causing the codes, and had them flush the Radiator. I asked them to fix the codes but they thought I meant that I wanted them to just fix the o2 sensor, which was damaged due to the car hitting a speed bump and the exhaust being pushed upwards into the bottom therefore breaking one of the o2 sensors mounted on top of the catalytic converter. Well After I got the car back I have always fixed my own cars and I was disgusted with the bill wasn't too bad, but rather do it myself) I decided to try and fix one of the other codes on my own, and I replaced the EGR valve.

Afterwards I unplugged the battery cables for about 10 hours, and immediately afterwards got it inspected and drove it 950 miles from Massachusetts to Ohio. (Right after the inspection about an hour later after taking off the battery cable the light came back on. And today with nothing to do since I got back from the drive back last night I decided to get the codes checked to see what was there again, they came up with the following codes:

1744 – transmission code

P0402- EGR flow excessive

1413- auxiliary emissions control

Not sure if I copied them down right being in a hurry (PO before numbers on all of them I think)

However the transmission was rebuilt right before I bought it with a new torque converter (thought driving home I decided to step on the gas pulling out of a store, and the car was acting weird like hesitating (torque converter maybe) He had the receipts to show me.

And there is a new 02 sensor and new EGR Valve (old was pretty bad as far as carbon buildup)

Also want to mention that even after replacing those items, car would drive awesome but while in gear at a stop light the car would like hiccup, really quickly, but the idle would stay smooth afterwards and sometimes it was bad, other times It would only do it every 15 seconds or so. But after this Ohio trip it stopped doing it.

The cams are welded



On the EGR error, I would make sure the codes are cleared with an OBD-II reader before I spend to much time on that.

Make sure the tranny fluid is full.

P1744 – Excessive slip detected – See chart below:

Pinpoint test C

P0402 –


If you need more than this on this code, let me know.
P1413 –



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