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Diagnostic Trouble Code P0401

new 6/07/2004

Need a little help. Hoping somebody's either dealt with this code before or has access to AllData and can look up the diagnostic procedure for me!

'96 SHO 100k miles, code (as stated) P0401 - EGR flow insufficient (or something to that effect).

I checked the EGR valve and it seems to be operating properly.

I know there's a DPFE sensor, but don't know exactly what it does, where it is, or how to test/replace it.

I've also heard that the Gen3 doesn't have the bogus EGR codes like the old V6 cars experienced (indicating some carbon deposit buildup).

Thanks for any help.

Steve Tatro
Red/Black '93 with 177k miles



Iíll assume HE90


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