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Door Panel Fasteners

new 6/10/2004

Can anyone explain to me how to remove the driver door panel and replace
whatever those plastic pins are inside to hold it on? The top of the door panel
is loose, but the bottom is holding.

Also, anyone know where I can get those pins? A local Ford dealer?

Charlie Miller
97 Emerald
Soon to be welded



1. Remove cover behind inside door handle.

2. Remove plug button from bottom of pull cup.

3. Remove screw retaining front door trim panel.

4. Remove sail speaker grill, if equipped.

5. Note: Do not attempt to remove more than one pushpin at a time.

Using Rotunda Windshield and Molding/Trim Removal Kit 107-R0401, remove the
door panel by pulling one pushpin at a time from the inner door skin.

6. Disconnect electrical connectors as necessary. Refer to «Section 01-14A».


1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order.

2. Replace all removed pushpins with new pushpins.

Push pin part # is N808994-S

Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca,TX


Its all held on by those clips other then the "hang" on the upper lip. Most Auto Parts stores carry the tool to remove it though it can be done with a screwdriver. I know that AutoZone and O-Reilly's carry the clips but you best walk in with one to get the right one unless you go to the dealer, of course they will want to sell them only in packs of ten there the parts stores usually carry them in two or three to a pack.

Carter Fuji

Oops, forgot about that screw behind the handle cup. That would certainly make it easier to remove that first rather then pulling it through the door panel.

Carter Fuji

A few notes from my own experience, in order:

1. IIRC, the cover behind the handle is only "poppable" from the top. Pop from the bottom and you'll break the piece.

2. Pretty simple, use a magnet or magnetic screwdriver to pull the screw from the hole, as it likes to stick in there.

4. No need to do this, actually. IIRC, the sail speaker cover isn't removable until you get the door panel out anyway.

5. Most people came equipped with a modified version of part # 107-R0401, their fingers. As long as you can get one "button" undone, you can get your fingers between the panel and door easily enough to pry it apart without any sort of special tool. And, unless you have jeweled nails, you shouldn't have to worry about scratching the finish of the door. Take any rings you may be wearing off, just to be sure (as I do any time I work on my car anyway).

It's pretty simple once you find the couple of screws you need to take out.

-John Breen III


You know it's been a slow week when Breen makes the site three times!!!



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