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Early 96 Roll Call

not so new 09/28/2004

I have a 96 which was built 3/96. When I pulled the subframe to change a camfailed engine I noticed that the subframe was extra-rusty. I had to strip and paint the whole subframe just to save it. I figure the front subframe stubs had maybe 1 year left at this rate.
I just did my second camweld of the weekend on a 96 built in 4/96. The subframe looked just like mine did - like it was installed almost bare metal and left to rust instantly.

I wish to know 2 things if you have an earlier 96 - built 4/96 or earlier -
1) What IS you door sticker build date?
2)What condition is your subframe in?

Write to me offlist if you are a lurker type who wishes to remain anonymous and I'll just catalogue you answer - No Names.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony - welded
97 Toreador Red # 285 - welded
96 Willow Green # 326 - welded
91 Jade Plus SHO-fa


Very interesting . 4/96 painted black , looks factory . 6/96 no paint . 6/97 no paint . Hmmmm ?

B.King 13


IIRC, the '96 was introduced in the January - February '96 timeframe, so an April car would not really be that early, especially since they only built around 5,000 of them. Almost seems like an April car is a "late" '96 production.

Ron Porter


I know Ron. Just arbitrarily grabbed 4/96 based on the rusted subframe I saw today and used it as a cut-off date.
Do you know when the FIRST 96's were built?



Define rust. Mine is Built May 1996 and no worse then other Car from Ontario that is 8 years old with 179,000kms on it.


Mine was built in May of 96 but this beach bunny is being a baby and it is about 45 degrees outside and I'm not even trying to go and check because it's freezing out there. I'll let you know tomorrow.


My sticker was and still is green. IIRC I remember reading the first ones rolled off in march 96.
Most production runs go Sept to mid July. August is re-tooling and repair months.

281234 here,
vins for Canada no different then vins for US when car is made in same
plant. Cars made in Canada start with 2. Mine must be late may as that is 20,000 cars higher then Don's.
Last 6 are just sequence it when down the line. I know mine was an ordered car due to owner thinking about no sunroof since he wanted no leather. {I talked to him}


My car was manufactured in 6/96.



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