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Eibach Gen 3 Spring Rates Estimated

New 03/12/2005

I contacted Eibach today and they said their springs are progressive
which are at least 15% stiffer than OEM and as they compress go up to
20% stiffer. Of course they could not tell me which OEM they are
comparing them too. My hunch would be what came on the '96s.

So throwing out the SHO only springs for the front that leaves the R,
L and G springs which range from 944 lbs to 998. Using the middle
spring of 971lbs as an example.

In the rear they would be springs C,D, E, F, H, I, J, and K. Which
when extrapolated from the SHO rears spring drop between grades of 17
lbs would be 378, 395, 412, 429 ,446, 463, 480, and 497 pounds per
inch. Guessing from an average of the bunch of rear spring weights of
438 lbs

So for the front the load rating might be a 1116 spring as a minimum
and 1168 as a maximum. This is very close to the SHO MAD front spring
of 1107 lbs as a minimum. The MAD springs are what came stock on my
'97 SHO.

Rears at 15% would be 505 lbs and 526 lbs.at 20%. or a bit under the
SHOs. I do not plan on using the rear Eibachs as I am happy with the
ride height I have there with the OEM 5 or JAR springs.

I do know I measured a SHO with these springs in them and came up with
these measurements on 225/50/16 tires which are around 24.25" tall.

FR Bumper to ground 7"
FR wheel well arch to ground of 25.25"
Back wheel well arch to ground of 25.25"
Rack bumper top ground of 11.75:

So I guess they are at least as stiff as the MAD springs and maybe a
bit stiffer. This will be much better than the SLO lowering job I
have now which are way to weak and bottom out. I hope the soccer mom
struts I have can control the springs.


Remember that the Eibach Gen 3 springs are listed for SLO-only, not the SHO
so I have always assumed that the rates were compared to a stock SLO spring.

I no longer have the specs on the SHO specific Intrax springs, but it would
be nice if the SHO Shop-specific Intrax Gen 3 springs became available
through Intrax.

Ron Porter
Yes I know they are based on the SLO springs. The numbers I quoted
were an average of the SLO springs (not SHO) available. So The
Eibach's come out about as stiff as SHO springs which are just about
right as far as load capacity IMHO.


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