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Electrical Weirdness


This one has me scratching my head. Since my wifes car is draining the battery and I have been too lazy to trace it down, she took my car today. She warned me that the battery light was on and the heater blower was not working either. I chalked it up to another failed alternator and the heater another issue. I had to take my DIL home so I charged up the battery and started to her house trying not to breath and fog up the windows. While stopped at a red light without any climate control on at all, the fan fired up, the battery light went out and the unnoticed sub-woofer kicked in. Wow! I thought, that is cool and it was nice to be getting some heat. That was until the light changed and the battery light came back on and the fan and sub-woofer died again.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Rich
Last week here in SC the temps got pretty low, for us anyway. My battery light came on. I went by AutoZone and they checked the battery. The battery was bad. We checked the warranty and I had had the battery for 6 years. Anyway, I replace the battery and the battery light came back on. Went back to AutoZone and had the check the alt. Alt was fine. Later in the day it warmed up outside and the battery light went off. Next morning, it was back on. Went to a shop that rebuilds alts and starters and had them check it. The alt was fine. His explanation was that one of the brushes was not making good contact. Probably sticking a little he said. He quote me $ 75 to rebuild the alt if I wanted to go that route.
Since then the weather has warmed up and the battery light has not come back on.
This could be a similar to what is happening in your car. Just my 2 cents worth.
I am going to take the bad alt from my parts car and have him rebuild it so when mine finally does go, I will already have a replacement.
Mike Bouchillon
97 PG
97 TR

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