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 Engine Pull


When dropping the sub frame how does one disconnect the steering rack from the

Ben Dally

Inside the car. You need an 11 mm socket for 3 nuts holding the boot
to the firewall and a metric allen wrench, 5 or 6 mm IIRC to take out
1 screw that locks the steering shaft to the rack. Then just pull up
on the shaft and it will release the rack and you are good to go.

Don't forget the little plug to the evap emissions control on the
firewall. Passengers side by the AC lines.
Eric Lehmann

Hmmmm I always take out the one pinch bolt under the bottom of the boot.... Sometimes it is a PITA and your way may be easier, other times it is a piece of cake. The bolt I take out must be completely removed and it will come right apart.

Scott K
You could simply remove the two retaining bolts that go thru the sub frame, but don't forget to remove the bolts that hold the power steering cooler tube lines from the left side of the car. If you do, it causes a 'little mess' in the form of power steering fluid all over the ground when the line snaps! I just swapped a sub frame on a 2000 SLO, and found it to be fairly simple to let the rack hang, but like Eric stated, you could simply remove the dust cover for the column and the pinch bolt for the shaft from inside the car. That's how I did my first, but I've since done 6 or 7 SHO's and 3 or 4 SLO's and sort of refined some of the disassembly processes. Just gets easier as time goes by. The more you do, the more shortcuts you learn. :)

John Fiegel


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