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Engine Removal

new 4/20/2004

Hi, I've just recently purchased a 1996 SHO after owning a 1994 SHO for 10
years. The engine in the SHO has been damaged due to cam failure and I have
another engine to put in it. I have been told by numerous people that the
engine has to drop out through the bottom of the car, is that true? Where
can I find information on this? Thanks!


Seriously, it doesn't have to come out the bottom but other then one recent write up, I have never seen anybody say they could get it out fast through the top. Outside in my driveway without a lift it takes me about 3 and a half hours to get it on the ground. I have heard of a few shops that can get it done in less then an hour, of course they are using a full lift (I am only using a front bumper lift). I personally think it is less hassle through the bottom other then the rear O2 sensor connectors which after four or five removals still have not found the trick to not wasting 30 minutes fighting with them.

Carter Fuji

I'd hate to see how fast Carter could remove the engine in a properly equipped shop!!



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