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Enhancing the Cooling

New 7/23/05

One thing I noticed on the GEN 3 cut away head was the coolant enters the engine and passes down the head past the intakes valves. This is a rather large passage which then feeds the exhaust valves and cylinders of their coolant.

At the end of each head on the passenger side is the small nipple that the small coolant hoses attaches to, Ys to the other head coolant hose and then goes to the coolant degasser tank. Glen Murdock says the curved hose that attaches to the coolant tank is now obsolete. But he did get one with what appears to be a check valve or flow restrictor in it. Restrictor makes sense seeing as the re would be no need for a check valve here. I do not have this is in any of the hoses I have on my parts motors or the motor in the car now.

With the clear degasser tank I can see a considerable amount of coolant flowing out of the heads and into the degasser tank. This will then go to the cold side radiator tank and back to the motor through the lower radiator hose.

Restricting this flow to the point of just using it to bleed air out seems to be a good idea IMHO. Why not send this coolant through the rest of the motor?


Good point Paul, but I think the coolant bottle has the restrictor built into the nipple. Tiny hole in the nipple will restrict coolant flow and allow the system to purge air without bypassing too much coolant.

Doug Lewis

The degasser tank nipple has a #29 bit ~.113" tube as the inlet. With the clear top it is quite apparent that there is a considerable amount of coolant passing through this hose at idle at 190F. Today I drilled a 0.0625" hole in a piece of 3/8" aluminum rod and placed this in front of the degasser tank inlet inside the hose.


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