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Eric Barge - SHO Defender

 new 5/20/02

1. VIN#s

1998 SHO
VIN: 1FAFP54N1WA255127

2. Name, address, and good phone #

Eric Barge
Applications Engineer

3. Express your concern of the engine failures and your determination of the cause.

I'm going to agree with just about everything that Mr. Timothy Wright (Decatur, Illinois) has said in the present, and in the past. Also, as an engineer, I think the cam sprocket failure is a design issue, not related in anyway to neglect or abuse. The asymmetrical sprocket has a side-load, which it is not designed to resist, and once it travels any distance down shaft, slipping becomes inevitable. I also question the hollow cam design, but will not touch on that subject at this time.

4. What would you like for FOMOCO to solve this problem?

Truthfully, if I would have known about the Cam Sprocket failure that had been occurring, I probably wouldn't have bought my 1998 SHO. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Ford guy, I own a 1991 Mustang GT Convertible, a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4, and a 1979 Jeep CJ5 with a small block 289 with a complete Ford drive train. The failure issue would have convinced me to buy something else, if I would have known about the failures ahead of time.

FOMOCO could solve our troubles buy, issuing a recall per-say. If Ford offered to have the cams welded, and foot the bill, I would have it done tomorrow. If the cams fail before the welding has taken place I would also like to see Ford correct this failure at their cost as well. As an owner of a SHO with un-welded cams, there is an uneasy feeling lurking in the back of my mind every time I drive my Taurus.

I would also like us to be able to take our SHO's to the shop of our choice, which, that statement can turn into a stick situation fast. I would suggest having a list of five to six shops capable of doing the welds, and leaving it at that. This way we are able to choose, and feel comfortable that a dealership hasn't screwed it up.

I too am not satisfied with the Ford Customer Care. It took almost four weeks (one calendar month) for a local dealership to inform me that the lug-nut-lock key was attached to the lug wrench, and located in the trunk of the car. This do to me investigating this and finding it myself. I continually questioned the Service department, and they repeatedly told me they could remove them and get me new ones (at my cost), because the lock-keys aren't a factory option. When I returned displaying the key attached to the wrench, the responses I got was, "ohhh..."

I hope my time and comments are useful, if any questions come from my email please contact me at any time.


Eric Barge
Applications Engineer
98 SHO owner

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