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Eric's Grill Mod

new 11/10/2003

Took the grille insert off of my 97 SHO and replaced it with the SHO lettering from a recently replaced rear bumper cover. Here is what I did.

Grille removal - 2 ways to do this. Fast or slow. Slow involves removing 6 screws from the reverse side of the grille opening. HUGE PITA. Easier to remove the whole front bumper cover. Fast involves a hacksaw blade a 3 minutes of trimming on the standoff legs. I went for the fast route.

The standoffs are made of steel and bent at 90' on the bottom. The tops are curled in a loop which fits snug on a x 20 screw. Overall height of Drivers' side standoff is 2 ", Passengers' is 3 1/8" high. The 90' end is rotated slightly forward so the legs stand straight when placed on the bumper.
I added round tube, 1 inch long, onto the standoffs by threading the inside of this tubing for x 20 thread and placing a 1 " screw through the round end of each standoff. Red locktite in tubing will keep it tight.
A hole is drilled into the bottom of each standoff to allow a #10 screw to pass through for securing to the bumper.

Quick shot of black paint and the standoffs are done.

The SHO letters are joined using a heavy baling wire similar in qualities to a heavy coat hanger wire. I hand bent the wire to go around the standoffs on the back of each letter and route the wire behind each letter body so as not to be visible from the front side. Easier said than done. Needle-nosed pliers and a vise are the ticket here.
When the wire form was shaped to hold the letters to my satisfaction I bonded the wire to the SHO letters with Epoxy glue. All the standoffs on the letters EXCEPT the two used for mounting to the steel standoffs were trimmed off after the gluing process.

The letter/wireform is now glued into the round tubes on the standoffs.

Take the letter assembly to the grille opening and mark where the securing screws will be drilled on the bumper. I used a 90' drill head to make the mounting holes. Others may find it easier to just remove the bumper cover. Be warned at this point - That Damn bumper metal is ROCK HARD. A regular drill bit will NOT TOUCH IT. I recommend a cobalt drill be used. Titanium cover bit will probably work too. I used #10 self tapping screws but still had to drill pilot holes for them. 

Screw down the standoffs to the bumper and you are done.
AngleView.jpg (10585 bytes)

Brackets.jpg (9284 bytes)

Front View.jpg (21875 bytes)

Rear View.jpg (9114 bytes)

Front Ends.jpg (24323 bytes)

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Eric Lehmann

As usual, Eric who doesn't color within the lines too often, has come up with a nice alternative for the front grill. In person it's awesome. 


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