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Title: Exhaust Mods    



Didn't know if you had a section where an owner can post their most recent exhaust modification. I haven't read about anyone's experience with a MagnaFlow system. If you want to post this for anyone that might be interested in trying them out, I can be contacted for info.

 If you are looking for just a step-up from the stock sound, this is a good one to try, compared to the Flow Master 40 series (a bit louder). We used most of the existing pipe, to avoid a lot of unneeded pipe bending. We upgraded the 3rd Cat to a High Flow 2 1/2 inch fit, as well as upgraded the existing flex pipe to match its size. The MagnaFlow mufflers are the same size as the stock, but offer a deeper sound. A smaller muffler is an option but would be far too loud in my estimation. 

The factory tips can be welded to the mufflers as well, so it still has a nice look to it. This is a good sound again for those that don't want to go too crazy, but still like that V8 sound, especially heard in the low-end, but not at higher speeds on the highway pretty quite in the cabin then).

 Just installed today 10/15/03. Just throwing it out there, thanks.


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