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FSTB - Installation Trick


Had a few minutes to spare today so I decided to get rid of that nasty power steering whine/noise from the STB rubbing against the power steering line. Took a pair of channel locks and straightened out the bracket holding the line then used my trusty dremel to cut off the slotted hole on the end. Then drilled a hole and bolted back in place with a slight bend that gives about 1/16" to 1/8" gap between the STB and the line. It made the most noise turning the steering wheel full R/L sitting in park. Now there is none. Here is a pic of it all done.

97 T-red
91 5-spd (needs clutch and CPS)
FSTB - Installation Trick


May 23, 2004

Your solution worked! Putting the bar over, rather than under, the power steering line is the answer. I ended up with at least a 1/4" gap.
I moved the bar as far to the passenger side as possible then tilted it up. I mounted the bar in front of the bracket on the drivers side and behind it on the passenger side. This gave proper spacing from the firewall.

The only problem I had was that one of the mounting bolts fell down into the engine compartment, never to be seen again. I've got a temporary bolt in place until I can get another one from Bob.

Richard Wills
'99 TR


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