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Flare Fittings On The ABS Controller


My rear lines on my Gen3 are now leaking enough that in a few days they will have siphoned the MC dry. I'm gonna have to top off daily, even while it sits in my driveway not moving.

I was wondering if anyone know the thread and pitch of the fitting at the ABS unit, as I was thinking just to stem the flow, I'd pull those lines off and put a plug in them till I get a replacement set, the group buy happens, or I attempt to flare the perfect line a few inches under the plastic coating and use replacement bend your own tube from Eastwood.

I thought I had an ABS unit off a car that I could take to Napa and find something, but I don't :-(

Bruce J. Malachuk

03 Redfire Mazda 6s - 17k
94 Opal Frost Taurus SHO -126k
96 Toreador Red Taurus SHO - 68k
I am fairly confident they are Metric.... Almost certain of it as a matter of fact.

But you can flare the stock line and patch it with standard 3/16" line, you'll need to slip a 3/16" SAE fitting on the stock line before you flare that end of course, then use a coupler and then fabricate your replacement piece.

There are two different sized flare fittings on the ABS controller. The sizes are:

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