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Flex Pipe

new 06/27/2009

So I had to get the 96 ready to be delivered to it's new owner. I couldn't let him have it with exhaust fumes coming into the cabin. He was taking it from Kenosha WI to UT!

It just so happened the Lombard Judge had a spare flex pipe or three.
He graciously donated one.

I get the car to the farm so I can get it up on the car ramps we have there.

Wonderful! each of the bolts is different head size! Crap. Finally get it off and turn my head to look at the 3rd cat. Well that explains why it won't idle. Third cat was completely grenaded! Chunks of the porcelain were blocking the outlet.

I had the foresight to get to NAPA because Ford wanted ~25.00 each for the gaskets and get them for ~ $3.00 each. (part number 31512)

Pulled out all the chunks from the 3rd cat, put on the replacement flex pipe and man didn't want to sell it!!

Sounded great on stock muffs and ran like a 96 should!


Click on this link to hear what she sounded like as it left my possession!



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