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For Those in the Phoenix Area

new 3/17/2004

To those of the unwelded worried subculture:

I know there are many people in the Phoenix area who need to have cams welded (some have enquired) but for whatever their reason have not followed through. Well because of my concern and the fact that my availability may change after the end of the month here's an incentive, from today until the end of March, in the time I have free, I will do the cam welds for $500.

This will not be the full procedure that I would normally recommend, just the cam weld. I will however, if you provide the materials, swap the plugs and switch or replace the coil packs and insulate the rear harness. I'll point out anything I see wrong but make no attempt to fix it. At a later date you can without removing the cam covers clean the IMRC etc.

Alternatively, if you are capable of doing the wrenching yourself I'll arrange to weld the cams at your place, Phoenix local only by appointment evenings/weekends.

For those out-of-town, within striking distance of Phoenix, I will include a bed for the night at my place if you need it. So book early for Christmas and don't be disappointed. 


For our Southwestern Friends, click on the link above and send a direct email for inquiries. 

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