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Ford Has a Better Idea

new 4/01/03

Chebbie has angle plug heads, angle port heads.  Ford now has angle valve heads.  Angle valves are said to do a better job of filling the corners of the combustion cylinder. Owners of V8SHO equipped with special angle valve report that they still have the same 1/2 tank of gas they had 5 months ago. Tail pipe emissions for the same time are virtually zero. All this without in any way effecting car payments.

Angle valves can be retrofitted to any V8SHO at any time, even while the car is in motion and without the owners consent, all free of charge. Ford spokesperson  tells us however this is "rare" and "many cases are taken care of under warranty".

bent valves.jpg (280881 bytes)

If you suspect your old fashion valves have been replaced with angle valves without your knowledge or permission shoot me a note and maybe we put you in contact with the cam failure team.

Next week, how to de-clutch your cam sprocket.


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