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Forward Gear Ratios

New 10/5/05, updated 04/20/2007

Updated April 20/2007

Last summer when I was researching the 3.98 gears again for my new tranny I looked on the V8 SHO site for the OEM ratios. Lo and behold I found they were identical to the Gen 1-2 MTX. I had to go here to get the correct ratios.



The real Gen 3 ratios

1st: 2.771
2nd: 1.543
3rd: 1.000
4th: 0.694
Rev: 2.263
Final drive 3.77


As best as I can remember the final drive ratio is 3.77:1 except for Paul Nimz who found a way to run 3.99:1.

For all years the forward gears are:

1st 3.21 6.1 mph/1000 rpm
2nd 2.09 9.5 mph/1000 rpm
3rd 1.38 14.5 mph/1000 rpm
4th 1.02 19.6 mph/1000 rpm
OD .74 26.8 mph/1000 rpm

Note: 4th gear is NOT direct drive, as might be expected.

For rough calculations the sequence 6,10,15,20,25 mph/1000 rpm is close given speedo error, tire growth, tach inaccuracy and the way the torque converter locks and unlocks any time it wants to.

Mph/1000 rpm is based on stock size tire.



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