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Frequently Discussed Topics

New 01/06/2005

*Editors note - Read with TIC firmly please*

How about this: every 3 months we just post a list of the frequently asked questions?
i.e. - How big is your Tank

Why doesn't my dome light shut off?

Why does my Theft light stay on?

Why does my alarm sound within a minute of me setting it?

Does my car have an OD switch?

How do you aim these @#&*(^ headlights?

How long will my tranny last if it starting to "whine"?

What weight oil should I be using?

What is the best brand of oil?

Can I safely use NAWWWS?

How come my speedo stops working at 110 - 120 mph?

What does the OBD-II Service code P-**** mean?

Why does the seat not go back far enough for my 6'6" frame?

Why is there so much noise from my sunroof?

Why is there so much noise from my passenger seat at speed?

Do I have a cabin filter?

What is the best tire?

What is that ticking noise?

Will these cams really fail

Can I get $12,000 for my unwelded original trannied SHO?
Who is this Kirk guy?

I believe that we cover these topics on a quarterly basis, based on newcomers to the list.

It's all good.


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