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Friends 2009 aka Pass The Hat Time

12/19/2008, updated 10/17/14, 10/23/14, 11/13/14, 11/21/2014, 12/16/2014


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Greg Jones Dyno Don Mallinson Ron Porter Doug Lewis
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October, 2014 - Well folks here is it is 5 years later and the webmaster still remembers the PW to get into his website. Not bad for a 64 year old. By popular demand, I have been asked to reactivate the Friends fund raising drive. It appears I was the only dissenting vote. Crabby webmaster syndrome I suppose. Never the less, I have never shirked my responsibility and ain't starting now.

Find below the pertinents. I'll keep the page posted only with names. Donations are a personal thing in my estimation, and so long as I have the keys, it will stay that way. I will post those who have contributed. I'm not going to create a new page, so you'll just have to get over the fact that it says 2009. We all know this is now the 2014 campaign.


It would be my intention to collect what ever may come our way and use it to:


1) pre pay for the domain name and for

2) web hosting/ email for as far and long as it will last.  


Again the last time we did passed the hat we had enough money to pay for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014-2015.  No bad for a small group. 


Don gets the honor of first contribution, I already sent my check out and Larry will keep a tally of contributors on V8SHO supplied to him by Don.


Larry and I were unsure how this would be received, some days the list is not so active, are folks still interested?  Thank you for your continued interest and support. we are most encouraged.


I may have had something to do with starting V8SHO, but I can't take credit for the quality of the folks who found us and chose to stick around.   It has been my honor to participate. Thank you to one and all; not only for your financial support but also for your loyalty and very  good company for almost two decades.



Send any donations via check to the following, if you prefer PayPal we have that information as well:

Don Mallinson
902 S. Main St.
Washington IL 61571

Need checks made out to that because the account is in my name.

Paypal to:

Be sure to indicate it is for friends or family, NOT a payment for purchase.  Indicate V8SHO in notations area.

Unkl Lar!


Well I was hoping to wait until spring of 2009 to launch our funding campaign but alas, a surprise 11th hour bill bit me in the six. Seems our domain name lapsed earlier this week.

Tim graciously rescued the name by going out of pocket because our funds were almost depleted by the most recent hosting company payment.

Our last drive was in 2005 and was very successful due to the generosity of our list members.

Our population demographic has once again shifted slightly, but our population has remained fairly consistent, hovering ~ 300 members.

The time has come where I once again have to come to you and ask for your support. We are a privately held site that accepts no advertising. We were founded on that principle and to this day remain steadfast to it.

Of course the down side - we generate no revenue but have overhead which has to be met if the list and site are to continue.

So here I come - asking for donations to help continue to keep V8SHO.COM and it's sub list alive. Any donation, no matter the size, is most welcome.

Because of PayPals greed, we would prefer checks. That way you can be assured the entire amount of your contribution goes for it's intended purpose. If you must use PayPal, be forewarned that your donation will be diluted by their assessing a fee before releasing your funds.

Send your check payable to the V8SHO Fund and mail to the following address:

V8SHO Fund c/o
Don Mallinson
902 S Main Street
Washington, IL 61571

If PayPal is a better option, even considering the caveat, then use this pay pal address:


We have had a great run, and with your continued assistance, look for even more exciting times ahead. Give what you can. I will use this page to acknowledge those donors, however I will not list their donations.
I'll leave the duration open for the time being.

BTW I know the timing is less than stellar with the holidays looming large in our windshields, but I have to do what's best for the site and list.

Uncl Lar.


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Herman Seibert William Tomlinson Frank Hogsett Paul Driscoll
Jeff Williams J. "Zero" Davidson Mike Keim  Greg Jones
J Newkirk John Breen Joseph Coomes Donation from San Diego, CA
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